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Educating towards peace

April 2, 2010

Hi guys,

I noticed that others here introduced their projects from the Alexandria workshop and thought I would tell you all about mine and Hani’s partnership:-

At first we were planning to write a “normal” feature story on one aspect that our countries shared and we thought what better than looking at education?

However, we quickly realized that the information we were gathering would not promote closer cross-border ties in any way but rather have the opposite effect and that it was not really in the spirit of this project.

So we decided it would be great if we could get published as individuals in the others’ country, show each others people a different, more peaceful, voice and then appeal in a joint voice to the world.

Hani’s piece was published in The Jerusalem Post, both in print and on-line, as well as in supplements in New York and in our Christian edition.

My op-ed was published on the Jordanian news website and also the Washington-based Palestine Note.

As for our joint op-ed, we decided that the conclusions were too disappointing and disheartening to print in full and that it was both inappropriate and extremely difficult to write such a story, even though we both interviewed many individuals on this subject.

Instead, we wrote the reasons why we could not write the story, alluding to some of our findings but asking people to try and change. Why We Can’t Write This Story…. was published on the Huffington Post, and was picked up by several media outlets:

The Search for Common Ground News Service also wanted to run the story and we re-wrote an additional version for them. This was translated into several languages, including Arabic, and picked up across the world.

Here are some of the places that it appeared:-

In addition, we also appeared on Ray Hanania’s Radio ChicagoLand Show, talking about our findings of the joint story:


Hope you enjoy it all….


Ruth and Hani

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