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HijabSkirt Info – Project

April 1, 2010

Dear colleagues

This is our project Hijabskirt Info

Authors: Sasa Milosevic (Serbia), Tarik Mounir (Egypt) Asma Faty (Egypt)

These are media articles about project




Serbia : SMEDIA, Serbian news portal

Montenegro: Daily newspaper “Dan” ( The Day)

This is translation of article from Serbian and Montenegrian on English


Belgrade-based journalist Sasa Milosevic with his Egyptian counterparts Tarek Mounir and  Asma Faty from Cairo, created an unusual Web site called Hijabskirt Info ( as an unique educational and social platform in  overcoming the prejudices about women who wear hijab or (mini)skirt.

Faced with decades long conflict between two pieces of clothes that are synonyms of two cultures, two religions and two civilizations, Milosevic and his Arab colleagues are trying to symbolically reconcile the hijab and a skirt as a way of reconciliation of Christianity and Islam as well as West and East.

“Our goal is to encourage people around the world to begin to think by the own heads instead the heads of their governments.  Women in hijab as well as the women in skirt are stretched on the cross of the shame. After September 11th Western media treat all veiled Muslim women as terrorists, suicide-bombers and Osama bin Laden’s followers. On the other side, Muslim traditionalists look every woman in the (mini) skirts like “easy woman”, a whore, a hunter of the wealthy Arab husbands or “walking wallet” who,  for a little money, rents young, sexually-potent and  poor Arab men” says Milosevic

Egyptian journalist Asma Fathy, one of the creators of the project proudly wears its hijab.

Milosevic and his colleagues primarily emphasis on women’s inner being pointing out that clothing details only reflect female’s cultural, traditional and religious affiliation.

They cite a list of famous and internationally recognized women who had never been threw up due to short skirt or hijab as their official dressing in the the public. Their power, influence, charity and humanitarian work overshadowed their dressing. They remind on Princess Diana, Cecil Sarkozy, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Benazir Bhutto, Qatar Sheikh Mozah bint Nasser Al Mišned, Jordan Earlier the Queen, etc. …

Site offers a lot of interesting information like the history of mini skirt, its golden age in the Middle East, as well as the theological vision of the hijab in the life of Muslim women, with a very useful practical tips such as how to wear hijab, how to make mini skirt of old jeans or how to make a long skirt as a compromise between Western and Islamic way of dressing.

Blog visitors who belong to opposing cultures also participate in this project.

Lucy Chumbley, an American woman, who grew up in the Middle East fits in the defense of the hijab, saying: “Mediterranean sun can be very harmful to the hair, which will tell every woman in the region. Women who do not wear a headscarf in these climatic conditions have dry and damaged hair.. ”

Italian journalist Elisa di Benedetto wear the hijab during the interview with one of the  Hamas leaders during his staying in Lebanon.  Ms. Benedetto also wears hijab in her home country, Italy, when she visits Muslim friends and their families.

Saman Karim, a Kurd from Sulejmaniya in northern Iraq underlines that Muslim women in his city can wear mini skirt without fear of reprisal by Islamic fanatics, as opposed to girls who live in southern Iraq where, due to mini skirt, they may be killed. However, he notes that these two traditions will never agree on the trend of mini skirt.

“It is contrary of the principles of our faith.  I will also try to change my  girl’s desire for  mini-skirt because I do not want both of us to be in sin in this way. I do not afraid of other men, but I have the fear of God revenge. Long skirt is ideal compromise between East and West.”

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