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Bridging The Gap

February 17, 2010

As we work towards the creation and promotion of a media that is sensitive and respectful of different religions and ideals – the clashes on the ground remain unchanged. Countries and ideals continue to wage war on each other – through troops and terrorists. We have stressed the importance of reporting news and development on hot topics with sensitivity and objectivity – so as to promote greater harmony amongst the groups on the ground.

Inspite of all the bridge building efforts at diplomatic levels – ground realities have not changed. Pakistan experiences drone attacks on a daily basis; the number of troops in Afghanistan have increases; images of torture in Iraq are still emerging. It then becomes valid to ask if dialogue on better media reporting has the power to influence policy maker. How far are these policy makers the consumers of such postively skewed reporting?

Besides policy makers, the general public too is an important consumer of news that can promote change.  With reports on drone attacks in Northern Pakistan on the same page as the report on a USAID education project in the region – which one has greater power to influence attitudes towards the US?

While improved standards on the reporting of religion based issues will improve the quality of journalism by leaps and bounds – does it have the power to change ground realities?

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