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Opening Eyes In Alex

February 16, 2010

Tight sleep is an essential in FOEDA Conference as they do not let U sleep during the conference making discussions extremely interesting. Discussions on hardcore journalism and tech-based issues after each cup of coffee or traditional lunch making things easy to digest. Blogs are another remarkable novel stuff for many who like to keep quite during discussions or giving beautiful smiles saying, oh yes!. A diverse group of over forty intelligent minds guided by some seniors exuding expertise few yards away from shy water weaves of Mediterranean shore. Before coming to learn here from Pakistan, V did not know that some Pakistanis are already knew it better than us and have come to study, like Dr Noman, a dentist, from Karahci doing his specialization much cheaper and equal in recognition than Europe. Mona working on blogs is very innovative looking fashion pushing us to explore new online shores. And streets in Alexandria are similar to Karachi and the people here mostly are traders while others are beautiful. V read many names of surgeons in markets but could not find what they do,,,,,,,,,wait for next blog search and learning is still on,,,,,,,

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