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[Presentation] Religion in the News by Dr. Christian Kolmer

February 15, 2010

We’ve posted this morning’s in-depth analysis of religion in the news by Dr. Christian Kolmer of Media Tenor International.

What did you all think of the presentation? Do you agree with his concluding points? They are:

  • Give no room to militants and put their claims and actions into context! E.g. don’t show footage on bomb attacks but give the figures of victims for all parties in the conflict.
  • Give background information!
  • Be sensitive to activities that foster dialogue and understanding!
  • Bring the views of all parties that are involved with the conflict, both in Western and in Muslim countries!
  • Take part in the dialogue with religious leaders!
  • Connect the view of religious leaders to other important issues, like global warming, globalization, trust and justice!
  • Step back from your daily work and let your news selection not be dominated by the newswires and the agitators!
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  1. shahabuddin permalink
    February 15, 2010 11:50 am

    I am not agree with the first poit because by giving the footage the masses will hate those peoples only giving the figures theose people are getting benifites from that because they want to know that they have achive there gole or not and if the media give only the figure than they feel comfortable.
    i agree with the second and third point
    but i am not agree with the fourth point its correct to take view of those who invole with conflect but its not necessary because some parties are not able for this that you take comments from them because his comments are not accourding to the humanity.
    dialogue with religous leadure its batter but not with those who clame that they are Religous leaders and in fact they are terrorists.
    I agree with the sixt point also but its impossiable in NWFP,Pakistan .
    The last but not the least is vilode point.
    Reporter conflict Zone
    AAJ TV

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